You grab one thing before you head out into the sunny 80 degree weather… sunglasses! It’s the ultimate accessory to complete any street style look. There’s so many different shapes and styles that easily set the tone for your outfit: cat eye frames for an edgy look, geometric frames for contemporary styles, or aviators for a classic beach vibe. The best part about sunglasses is that you can wear them year-a-round, so they’re always a good investment idea!

Sunglasses are such a great way to add more personality to your look, and a great form of self-expression. Finding your personal style takes time and patience- you definitely have to be connected to yourself to get to that point of self-expression. Thankfully, you can spend as long as you want in a sunglass store and try on every. single. pair. if you want to! That’s what I do, at least.

Thanks to COVID, I know in-store shopping is limited right now. I recommend taking a quiz to find which frame style will fit your face shape the best. I took this one on the Ray-Ban website and found out that rectangular and upswept frames will help balance out my facial features! What’s your favorite frame shape?

xoxo Paulina

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