I can’t believe I’m saying this… but summer is here! Not gonna lie, there are times I genuinely think we’re in March still. The past four months have flown by thanks to quarantining. Now that San Diego is starting to reopen, all the online clothes shopping I’ve been doing can finally be put to good use.

As we’re all spending our days scrolling through Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen tons of white dresses on your favorite bloggers’ feeds. I know I’m very picky when it comes to shopping for white pieces because I don’t want them to be sheer or see-through. Like… it genuinely frustrates me when I love a white top online, then once it arrives I can’t even wear it because you can see ~everything~. I applaud people that don’t care about double liners. I wish I was that confident! But until then, I’m sharing my favorite white dresses for this summer season.

The best thing about wearing a white dress is that it’s so easy to dress up or down. Dress it up with kitten heels for a cute brunch with the girls or a night out at a rooftop bar- or make it casual with a pair of sneakers for a picnic at the park. We all know how much I love investing in pieces that will last me more than one wear. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared my #1 shopping rule on my IG stories: if I can’t wear it with at least 3 completely outfits, it’s not going in my closet. I highly suggest following this rule for people rebuilding their wardrobe. Anyway, back to my favorite white dresses.

Also, I’ve been looking for some new places to shop that aren’t being ran by big corporations. I’ve recently came across Verge Girl, Isabelle’s Closet, and American Threads. Where’s your favorite place to shop? Let’s support smaller brands!

xo Pau

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