This year’s county fair theme was “How Sweet It Is” and let me tell you guys… it was like a little kid’s dream come true.

I visit the Del Mar Fair every single year! My boyfriend, Cali, and I added it to some of our annual traditions. There’s always some crazy new food to try each year (although we are too grossed out to try most of them lol).

This year, we kind of made it our goal to win a big stuffed animal at one of the carnival games. To sum up, we failed…miserably lol. Forty dollars later, we left the fair with two small monkeys. They really know how to get you to waste your money at the fair haha! The funny part is, we told ourselves that this year we wouldn’t waste so much money on the games since we tend to get preeeetty competitive. Look how that went!

Other than it being an amazing photo location, the fair is such a great place to bond with your friends and family. I don’t think I’ve missed a year at the fair since I was 9 years old! Every year I look forward to spending a summer day at the fair- that’s how much I love it lol. If you’re in the San Diego area, the county fair is a must! It’s open until July 4th if you’re interested!


Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite summer activity? Let me know in the comments! I need to make some more summer plans!

xoxo Paulina

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