How is everyone doing? I hope your minds are starting to calm down while we get used to our new norm. It’s been a month since San Diego started quarantining, I’m sure a lot of us are barely starting to get back into the flow of things. This hasn’t been an easy month— it’s definitely been a transition for us extroverts. I thought it’d be a good idea to help the extroverts of the world by giving you all some tips on staying productive at home.

Change out of those pajamas, girl.

Trust me, I know. Staying in pajamas all day is all I’ve ever dreamt of. Now that I have the opportunity to do it, it’s just not really working out. I stayed in pajamas for the first two weeks, but then I quickly realized that it made me feel sloppy. Now, I’m not suggesting to put on jeans and a sweater because that’s just crazy talk. I’ve been changing out of my pajamas into workout clothes, so that I’m soon as I clock out for the day, I’ll already be ready to exercise.

Maintain a routine.

This can mean something different for everyone. For me, it’s waking up at the same time everyday. I’ve been rolling out of bed at 8 AM to start my work day and exercising as soon as I clock out. For others, it can mean eating their meals at the same time everyday. Maintaining a routine has been the easiest way to keep my mind organized and sane!

Keep a daily to-do list.

I’ve been keeping a daily/monthly planner for about two years now, and I highly recommend this for anyone who is as forgetful as I am. Writing things down just helps print it into my brain, you know? Anyway, writing your daily tasks down can really help track your productivity.

Get some fresh air. E V E R Y D A Y.

I’ve been monitoring all CDC recommendations, and even they recommend getting some daily Vitamin D. As important as it is to practice social distancing right now, it is just as important as seeing daylight for your mental health. Lately, I’ve been going on drives with Cali. For our anniversary, we got take-out from our favorite restaurant (King and Queens, holla!) and parked at the Embarcadero to watch the sunset. We’ve also been exercising on our balcony which I’m sure our neighbors below us are very thankful for. Oops.

Separate your work life from your home life.

This is probably the most important tip I have for you all. Do yourself a favor and stop doing your household chores while you’re working— unless you have no work to do, then go for it sis. I’ve found myself working more efficiently when I work at my “work station” (what used to be my dining table), and not in bed/on the couch. While you’re not working, try leaving all of your work-related things at your work station. When you step out of your “work space” and into your “home space”, you’ll automatically feel relaxed.

Let’s all try to stay positive while we continue to practice social distancing. If you have any tips for the rest of us, let us know in the comments below!

xx Pau

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