It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and well, the only reason I have is because I needed a detox! So, I went on a little vacation 🙂 I spent the weekend in Vegas attending EDC, then instead of driving back home to San Diego, I drove to Palm Springs to relax with my best friends!

School’s out, we’re in the process of moving up to LA, so we wanted to take a little breather before the storm starts up again! Now, my blog is all about affording glamorous things while being a college student. So, how did I afford this little trip? Groupon! When all 4 of us split the cost of the weekend at the resort, it was only about $30 per person! Super affordable, and a super trendy getaway too.

Even though it was about 130 degrees out, my friends and I were doing our best to tame the heat and take amazing photos! Not gonna lie, we were a little sweaty, but the pictures were still amazing!! Palm Springs seriously has the best spots to take trendy photos. Here’s where we went:

We wanted to stop at more places, but it was burning hot.. all we wanted to do was stay in the pool! Which we did…for six hours.


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