If you have ever been to Italy, you would know how there’s HUNDREDS of stores here! I had always heard people talk about it, but I never thought that there would be this many! It’s a miracle for my closet, but a tragedy for the wallet. As they say, “when in Rome”… 🙂

In Florence, there was an enormous amount of stores, but I actually ended up buying everything above in Rome! I felt like there was more of a variety of style here, so I clearly took advantage of that haha. The great thing about my little shopping spree was that I never bought an item over $50! The prices were within a good amount, and they were amazing quality.

Here’s what I bought:


  • Sheer Floral Top from Zara €22.99 (similar one here
  • Black Ankle Booties from small genuine leather shop 44.99
  • Small Gray Bag from Barrila Boutique Roma 39.99 (they don’t have an online store ☹☹)


Sadly, this is my last post while I’m in Italy. But I can’t wait to come back and visit again soon! It’s so beautiful here and full of culture (and clothes!). Thank you Italy, I’ve had an AMAZING time!

I really hope you guys like all of my purchases as much I do!


xoxo Paulina

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