I’m so excited to share with you guys that I will be traveling to Italy today! I land Tuesday (tomorrow) night, and I leave the morning of February 15th. While that sounds amazing, I was having some trouble figuring out what to pack- and how.

I’m the type of girl that can stand in front of my full closet for thirty minutes with no idea on what to wear. So, packing for 30 to 50 degree weather for 7 days is a little overwhelming, especially since it never gets below 55 in San Diego. With that being said, I decided to share with you all how I packed outfits for each day into one suitcase!

  1. First things first: PLAN YOUR OUTFITS! Overpacking is the worst mistake. Having some extra squeeze space is the best because, well I mean, I’m obviously going to shop in Italy! I have to put those clothes somewhere right? To prevent overpacking, I literally tried on different outfits and went outside at 10 P.M. to see if it was warm enough. I would hate to be freezing over there just because I didn’t plan accordingly. I can’t stress this step enough! Plan, plan, plan!
  2. PACK VERSATILE PIECES! Also, another crucial tip. My best advice for this is keeping shirts neutral. It’s so easy to mix and match a black/white/gray shirt with black/light/dark/colored jeans. Wherever you’re traveling to, having simple pieces makes your outfit planning so much easier. Simplicity goes a long way!
  3. WEAR YOUR HEAVIEST CLOTHES ON THE PLANE! This is an obvious one. It’ll save so much room in your luggage. Also, planes are typically really cold so you’ll be warm and cozy!
  4. MAKE — USE OF SPACE! I want to fit as much stuff as I possibly can in my suitcase. So, here’s an idea- stuff small items into your shoes or socks! You can easily fit your undergarments or anything else that’s small and thin in there! You’re welcome.
  5. ROLL, ROLL, ROLL YOUR CLOTHES! I saved the best tip for last. If you haven’t tried this hack, I promise this will change your life. It prevents wrinkles, and saves a ton of space. Look at my picture for proof. That’s 8 outfits, undergarments, bathroom and skincare essentials, chargers, and all of that other good stuff you need to live away from home for a week.

I hope you guys will take these tips into consideration for your Winter travels! See you Friday!

xoxo Paulina

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