I know I can’t be the only one stress shopping right now, right?! I feel like all this time being stuck at home is only making me want to shop online – especially for things I don’t need. There’s sales everywhere right now which makes it hard to have any sort of willpower!

The best part of these sales is that a lot of companies are donating a large amount of proceeds towards foundations that help those in need during this scary time. Have you donated yet? I’ve donated to a handful of different organizations to help with those who have been laid off, medical workers who don’t have the right materials, etc. If you’re able to, please do your research to find an organization you love, and donate! Every little bit counts. And on that note, let’s talk trends for this upcoming Spring season.

1. White Blazer

Girl.. if you don’t have a white blazer yet, stop everything you’re doing and order one. This one is a game changer. Adding a white blazer will help elevate your outfit and give it a brighter, more fresh look. I’ve seen it being styled so many different ways, but my personal favorite is with a graphic tee, high waisted shorts and some platform sneakers. If you’re going for more a sleek chic look, then a pair of simple heels will look amazing too. Trust me on this one. Check out my Pinterest if you need some more inspo.

2. Off the Shoulder/One Shoulder Top

I mean, what screams warm weather better than showing off some nice shoulders? (This used to get me in trouble in high school hahaha. Don’t get me started on that rule.) Showing off those shoulders and collar bones is an easy way to flatter your upper body area, specifically the neck and chest. Tip: add some body shimmer! You’ll be glowing!

3. Gold Stacking Jewelry

Check out my blog post talking about my favorite jewelry pieces if you haven’t already. Since I wear lots of solids, stacking jewelry is an easy way to make a basic outfit look a lot more feminine. I’ve only recently started investing more into quality jewelry, rather than having to rebuy necklaces after only 2-3 wears. I recommend brands like Mejuri, Gorjana, and Beads by Tara.

4. Heeled Sandals

To be honest, this one took me a while to get on board with. I never thought that these looked comfortable, but that all changed last week when I received my first pair in the mail. I ended up giving into the trend and buying them (I’m telling you.. these sales are opening up my mind), and I instantly fell in love as soon as I tried them on! You can find these everywhere, but click here to see the ones I bought.

5. Hair Accessories

Bringing back 2008 elementary school vibes, but make it chic. I absolutely adore this trend! I honestly wasn’t expecting it to last as long as it has, but here we are with even more missing hair clips spread out around our houses. The best way to wear this trend without overdoing it, is to only use a couple at a time. I never do more than 3, depending on the hair style. I like using ones that compliment my dirty blonde hair color, but honestly, just play around with them! There’s so many different colors and styles out there to fit everyone.

In all seriousness, I really hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and positive. This time can be really scary for those who struggle with any mental illnesses, especially with being isolated for so long. I highly recommend video chat dates or finding an activity that puts your mind to work (i.e. painting, puzzles, baking). The best thing to remember is that the sooner everyone else follows the CDC guidelines, the sooner this will be over with. I’ve been keeping active with yoga, home work outs, and surprisingly… Tik Tok! I caved last and have been spending hours on it. Maybe not the best example of keeping busy, but it helps the time pass by hahaha.

xx Paulina

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