Can you believe it’s been an ENTIRE year already? A year of taking a countless amount of photos to show off my style. A year of writing and helping you guys. A year of being truly happy and content with what I do. It’s been a year since The Guiltless Glamour launched.

Starting The Guiltless Glamour was the best decision I’ve made in 2017. I remember being so nervous to even launch my Instagram name! But when I uploaded my very first blog post, my life changed forever. I’ve learned so much, not only from my personal experience, but also from talking and meeting with other bloggers.

Here are 3 lessons I’ve learned since I started my blog:

  1. Time management is sooooo important! I feel like I’ve become the Time Management Queen. Taking on design school, a part time job, and a blog can be overwhelming. I know, trust me. But I’ve learned to designate certain days for certain jobs I have to do. Keeping a planner with me at all times and planning out my weeks has really saved me. I’ve noticed that having a weekly planner not only helped me with time management, but also helped reduce anxiety!
  2. Patience is KEY. I am nowhere near where I hope to be with my blog. But, I sure am a lot closer to my goals than I was over a year ago when I didn’t even start. If anyone wants to start a blog, just know that it takes time to grow and build your followers.
  3. Networking, networking, NETWORKING! Did I mention that networking was extremely important? I’ve met so many amazing bloggers through Instagram who are so helpful and sweet. I recommend getting a group on Instagram together to help each other out with tips and to just bond with- blogger to blogger.

Hopefully what I’ve learned will help you if you have been wanting to start a blog. If you don’t already, follow @blogwithme on Instagram. Marianna Hewitt, a beautiful and inspiring beauty/fashion blogger, created this IG page for those who need social media & blogging tips!

Thanks for reading!


xoxo Paulina Fessia

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