Is it possible to be so in love with a city- so in love that you are willing to drop everything just to move there? Well, that’s how I feel about The Golden City. 

I’ve been visiting SF since I can remember, and each time I go, I become even more in love than the last time I visited. I remember making a promise to myself in middle school that I would live there one day. I was actually intending on moving to FIDM’s San Francisco campus over LA, but y’know…SF is sooooo expensive! One day, I know I’ll be living in a simple loft in the city and riding cable cars up and down the infamous steep hills of San Fran! Hopefully that day is soon!

My boyfriend and I wanted to take a small road trip to San Francisco since he has never been there before! I thought it would be fun to be his personal tour guide haha. This was our first time traveling together, and it went really well! From eating at Boudin’s Bakery on Fisherman’s Wharf to sightseeing at the Golden Gate Bridge, we really enjoyed the atmosphere of SF. My favorite part of the trip is when he said he can’t wait to come back to San Francisco..and neither can I.

Thanks for reading! Have you been to San Francisco? What’s your favorite part about the city? Let me know!

xoxo Paulina

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